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Skylar Shoar Author

Immersive Romance Novels

Welcome to the website for Skylar Shoar. I am thrilled that you stopped by to check it out. On this site, you will discover more about me and the stories that I create. My debut novel, The Power of Us, is the first in a romance duology known as the "Us Duology". The sequel, The Perseverance of Us, completes the duology. 

Both books – The Power of Us and The Perseverance of Us – explore themes such as personal struggle, character growth and navigating the unknown. The characters in the duology are highly detailed, multifaceted individuals, full of passion and flaws. Compared with other romance stories, these two novels are particularly long and immersive, allowing readers to truly escape reality and enter a new world of fiction.

Moreover, look out for upcoming books Dreams of Fate (releasing 26 July 2021), Touch, and Still my Forever. The aforementioned two novels incorporate elements of the subconscious and the supernatural, while Still my Forever is a second chance romance exploring themes such as abuse and resilience.

Feel free to keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from Skylar Shoar Author.



About Skylar Shoar

I have always loved writing and the power of the imagination. Writing poems and stories has been a passion of mine since high school. My stories are underpinned by a desire to explore themes that are both deeply personal yet universal. I love nothing more than submerging myself in the creative pool and bringing the characters in my head to life. My novels are extensive works of fiction that allow readers to lose themselves in the stories of my characters.



Latest Books




     Dreams of Fate by Skylar Shoar, releasing on Amazon 26 July 2021, is an           

     emotional love story delving into the power of the subconscious mind.

     When true love is meant to be, nothing can stand in its way... not even fate.






The Power of Us by Skylar Shoar, the first in the “Us Duology”, is a long and gripping romance tale that explores universal themes such as family trauma, personal growth, the paradoxes of love, and the subconscious, taking readers deep into the personal lives and histories of its characters. Its sequel, The Perseverance of Us, delves further into the experience of pain, healing, and learning to fall in love all over again.






Upcoming Projects

Future projects in the works is, Touch, which is underpinned by a story of how Ashton Storm came to exist. In this science fiction romance novel, readers will be immersed in a tale of a unique man and how he learns to love a woman named Aurora.


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To learn more about Skylar Shoar Author and upcoming projects, take a look at my ‘About Me’ and ‘Books’ pages.



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