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Skylar Shoar Author

Customer Testimonials

Welcome to Skylar Shoar Author’s website, where you can read all about my debut romance duology, The Power of Us and The Perseverance of Us. Known as the “Us Duology”, these are long, detailed novels which explore the issue of living with past trauma, growing as a person, developing confidence and learning to love. My passion is to create characters who are both flawed and beautiful and bring them to life inside an extensive narrative structure that one can dive into for hours on end.

My future books, Touch and In Our Dreams, follow similar lines to the “Us Duology” but have their own unique plot lines which zero in on the power of touch, the subconscious and the supernatural.

The Power of Us and The Perseverance of Us, better known as the “Us Duology”, is now available on Amazon.



The Power of Us 

Goodreads Community Readers


“...The debut novel of Skylar Shoar is a delicately-woven contemporary romance, with unexpected plot twists and a breathtaking connection between characters. A story piece together without flaws, a love-based relationship that will leave you wanting for more, a passionate dive into the world of emotions… a real page turner!" - 14 Feb 2021.


“I absolutely loved this book. I am not much of a contemporary romance type of person (that is how I'd categorize this book) however this one was fantastic. The entire story was pieced together flawlessly from beginning to end..." - 31 Jan 2021. 


“I very nearly read this book straight through without stopping. It totally captured me..." - 20 Jan 2021.


“What did I think of this book? AMAZING! Cannot wait to read the second one! Had me crying, laughing, snorting the whole lot. I wonder if I can get a signed copy ? Anyone?" - 17 Jan 2021.


“...This was the most emotional read ever  If you haven’t read this I recommend you add it to your list because this story will sweep you away and ride you through emotions you never expected." - 16 Jan 2021.


“This book had me fall in love with romances once more. After a time without reading, this was the perfect story to pick up. Cassidy and Harly are such loveable characters and easily to relate too. The story of how these two characters meet and develop as a couple is beautiful. The author clearly knows how to write and this is an author I’ll be following. Can’t wait for the second book to come out." - 14 Jan 2021.


“This is the first book I read from this author and let me tell you that I loved it! Such a good book with great characters that keeps you obsessed with every page since the first one. The ending of this book.. come on! I just didn´t expect it! Can´t wait to read other books from this great writer! Amazing job! a must-read!. A fantastic book that has it all! I happily endorse this story to any and all who are looking for an enjoyable read and a completely different experience than anyone could imagine on their own. Great book! This was an emotional and enjoyable read! This love story is absolutely beautiful. Great read!" - 26 Dec 2020.


“Add this to your TBR list. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I couldn't put it down! All the characters are brought to life by the author's amazing way of making these complex characters relatable, and you can't help but cheer them on through all the ups and downs. Both Cassy and Harly have a past they're haunted by, and yet these difficulties bring them closer together despite outside forces working (overtime) against them.
The themes in this story- loyalty, love, friendship, and honesty are delicately woven into each chapter. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, and more work by Skylar Shoar." - 20 Dec 2020.


“This book has got me back into reading! Love romance & the power love can have, which this novel definitely has! Couldn't or shall I say didn't want to put it down." - 11 Nov 2020.   


“This love story is absolutely beautiful. I seriously had a book hangover when I finished it. The characters, Cassidy and Harly, are well-developed, relatable and so easy to love. I highly recommend." - 25 Oct 2020.     


“The characters are relatable, so the reader can easily fall into the story and ultimately they find themselves rooting for that HEA they crave. Would definitely recommend!!" - 24 Oct 2020.

Amazon Reviewers


“Get ready for a hard-hitting love story...

This was an emotional and enjoyable read! I typically don't read novels with billionaire tropes, but I quickly fell in love with this one because of the depth of the characters and their emotions. Cassidy is a well-developed character independent of the romance, and you find yourself rooting for her to find belonging and a family after her traumatic past. I definitely recommend you give this book a try even if it's not your usual read, you'll be pleasantly surprised with Skylar's storytelling skills! :)" - 14 Dec 2020.


“Wow...That’s all I can say.

This is one of the best books I’ve read by far. You feel everything that our characters Cassidy and Harly are feeling. Plot twists you will never see coming. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a next book HUSBAND. Yup, I said husband because trust me as much as you would want a book boyfriend, Mr. Harley Ashbey goes beyong that. The connection you feel between the two characters is breathtaking. This book is 100% going to leave you on a book hangover. I just finished and I want to go back to the beginning and re-read it for the first time! I wish I could give this book a 10/5." - 3 Dec 2020.


“A mesmerizing love story!

This book is a deep, passionate dive into two very complex characters. The connection between these two is breathtaking, and their story is woven so beautifully together. I was swept away." - 29 Oct 2020.  


“Purchased this novel for my partner & the last few days I have hardly seen her. Her response when finished was: love it, love the characters, love how it is written from the main characters point of view, made me giggle, smile & understand the pain. Need the second book!" - 28 Oct 2020.

The Perseverance of Us

Amazon Reviewers  


“This duets , and this couple, the whole is everything. I'm honestly sad it's over. This was packed full of emotionally daring moments..." - 2 Feb 2021.


“Beautiful and intense story 

“...The story is heartbreaking and with every page you turn you don’t know what will happen next. I absolutely loved this book and the love these two characters have is amazing and beautiful.
I would highly recommended this book to everyone " - 17 Jan 2021.


“I got this book to read over the Christmas break because I'd loved the first book in this duology and I had to see what was going to happen with Harley and (especially) Cassy. I will say that this book did not disappoint! This book was incredibly moving and I found myself filled with emotion at every turn of the page. I'm really happy that it picks up where the first book left off because can we say cliffhanger? haha. Anyway, I loved the character development, and it was really great to read how both characters handled Cassy's news at the end of the first book. Like the first book, Cassy and Harly's life together is not always easy, but they certainly persevere and show the importance of commitment, and love, and how powerful these elements are. I absolutely adored this story, and I cannot wait to read more from Skylar." - 27 Dec 2020.  


“Beautiful love story: Absolutely loved Harly and Cassidy and supporting characters. The character development and story line is stunning. The novel is a page turner and I didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait for this author’s next book." - 2 Dec 2020.

Goodreads Community Readers


“This book picks up right where book one ended and immediately Cassidy and Harly face the biggest hurdle of their lives and just when they think they’ve managed to jump it—another takes it place. In this book they both mature and learn how to work together to create the life they both want. Cassidy fights for her independence and with Harly’s support she finds her calling. Harly faces his guilt from his past to move beyond his private turmoil. The plot twists and turns continue and Harly and Cassidy’s relationship is just as passionate as steadfast as ever.

Turbulent family relationships heal, pasts mistakes are forgiven, and a happily ever awaits." - 22 Jan 2021


“Absolutely loved this book. Being the second book in a duology, I could not wait to get my hands on the book and continue on with Cassy and Harleys story. I wasn’t disappointed as the story starts where the first book ends. I loved how the characters handled the sensitivity of the storyline and I think the author wrote the emotions perfectly. This story of cassy and Harley continues with the ups and downs of life and had me on a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. I highly recommend this duology and can’t wait to get more reading material from Slylar Shoar." - 21 Jan 2021.


“First of all wow. Just wow. Loved this series it really is an emotional roller coaster. Cassy and Harley is a couple you can’t but adore, you root for them through out the many hurdles life throws at them." - 6 Jan 2021.


“Absolutely loved The Power Of Us and The Perseverance Of Us did not disappoint! Without giving anything away this book made me smile, giggle and brought tears to my eyes. I love the journey it took me on & the ending but now I feel a slight void knowing my journey with Cassidy & Harly has come to an end :-( who knew a book could make you feel that! Will definitely keep an eye on Skylar Shoar for more fab reads." - 30 Dec 2020.



Take a look at the About Me and Books page to learn more about upcoming novels and the story of Skylar Shoar Author.



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